GEOlab’s activities aim at developing modules able to expand the potential of GIS software, i.e. systems capable to store, analyze and publish geo-referenced data.
The group studies and develops algorithms for cartographic and environmental data analysis, then implemented in the open source GRASS modules. Ad hoc tools for the gross error detection in DTMs as well as for the interpolation of sparse data by multi resolution spline interpolators are just two examples of this activity.

In recent years the GIS world has been moving towards 3D modeling but, especially in case of WebGIS, 3D complete solutions are still missing. The potentiality offered by the 3D environment and the enrichment of analyses based on immersivity, make those solutions absolutely welcomed, if not essential, for environmental researches. GEOlab has developed a tool for representing 4D variables (3D location of the variable values at different times) provided in netCDF format. The Tool is based on the Free and Open Source Java NASA World Wind virtual globe.

Geomatics and Earth Observation laboratory